Bullet needs rescue sponsorship again.
Bullet was rescued in Nov of 05 when he was hit by a car
and suffered a fractured jaw. See his Original Injury Click Here. After five months of being
boarded and waiting for the jaw to heal and the metal
wire in his mouth to be removed we searched for his owner, IRA.
In March of 06 we found, IRA but IRA has recently had a medical
issue come up and he needs to find a temp placement for six months,
while he rehab's. IRA's sister refuses to take the dog and she
has already sent the dog to the shelter.
BULLET needs a foster or rescue kennel fostering for six months!
CAN anyone offer sponsorship approx $10 a day
That's $300 a month times 6 months $1800.
I also need a kennel or foster willing to accept BULLET.
BULLET gets along well with other dogs. He was kenneled with a 25lb dog and a big dog. He is a sweet loverboy of a dog!

We are trying to raise $1800 for Bullet.

I will tally each donation and list it below, won't you please donate!

Bullet just plopped down for a belly rub.>>>>

Bullet LOVES IRA. He was so happy to see him when they were reunited.