What to do when you find a stray, injured, abandoned animal.


1. PROTECT yourself and your pets first.

Never just bring a found pet into your home with other animals (and children)

If you have no other option, keep them overnight in a seperate room, garage etc. Make sure they have food and water and ventilation.

2. Call the local papers and place a TWO WEEK FOUND PET ad, most if not all of these FOUND PET ads are FREE!

(when someone calls about the animal, make the caller ID the animal, DO NOT let them talk you into describing the animal, have them bring a photo)

3. Take a photo of the animal and prepare for adopting the animal, scan the image for uploading to sites.

4. Find a foster home for the animal until the owner comes forward or adoption

(this could take 2 weeks to a 2 months, be prepared)


create a space at your home to hold the animal without interacting with other children or pets,

take to vet and get tests for diseases that transfer from pet to pet and pet to human.


For adopting out an animal see FIND A NEW HOME FOR A PET



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